Founded in 1989, The Northwest Literacy Foundation is a volunteer-run nonprofit that put-platinum2019-sealseeks to strengthen our community by putting books in the hands of young readers.  The NWLF is committed to enhancing youth literacy efforts in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest by providing literature and resources through partnerships with schools and community organizations.

The NWLF collaborates with schools and organizations throughout the area, serving students with high needs and often lacking a depth of resources.  Through grants of books, we work to “fill the shelves” of local school libraries, provide additional classroom resources, host author visits and purchase books for community organizations engaged in educational programs.

With a rich history of focusing on young readers, collaborating with schools and building effective community partnerships, Northwest Literacy Foundation has provided over 200,000 new books to children, schools and community groups.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We build partnerships and provide support to schools and comm
    unity programs that work with at-risk youth.
  • We promote a continuum of programs that engage youth in learning activities that strengthen literacy skills.
  • We believe in supporting local independent booksellers by partnering to purchase books for NWLF grants.
  • We are efficient in delivery of grants and services with low overhead and volunteer leadership.
  • We seek to provide books to youth that will engage and promote further reading interest as well as quality literature and written works that have lasting value.

Our Board Members

The Northwest Literacy Foundation is honored to enjoy the support of our present and past Board Members:

Nancy Anderson Daly
Ross Baker
Mary Bristow
Jennifer Bush
Linda Campbell
Jill Crutcher
Daniel Doctor*
Lorna Follstad
Sarah Funk*
Mike Gastineau*
Chauni Haslet
Amy Henderson
Julie Hull
Joyce Irvine
Jill Jean
Betsy Kinsey
Rene Kirkpatrick*
Leigh Kopicki
Emily Langlie
Eleni Ledesma
David Lewis
Mary Manzin*
Elisabeth Odland*
John Odland*
Mike Odland*
Betsy Pepper Larson
Alison Peters*
Liz Reininger
Trudy Rosemarin
Margaret Suman
Mary Sykora
Jennifer Teunon

*current board members